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Being James Bond

Aug 10, 2022

Daniel Craig – love him or hate him – his tenure was nothing if not bold! -- Now that 'No Time To Die' is in the rear-view, Joe will rank all 5 Craig films!


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Jul 1, 2022

COMMENTARY -- So Barbara Broccoli says it will be at least two years before they start working on 're-imagining' James Bond, but was anyone actually surprised? Also, we talk with Warren Ringham of 'Q the Music' about what's in store for their Farewell Tour!

Jun 15, 2022

CINEMATIC 007 -- So we HAD completed the series 'Is the Last Film of Each Actor Their Worst?,' ending off with ‘Spectre’… Well, Daniel Craig has now officially completed his tenure with 'No Time to Die'... but surely, this can't be Craig's worst? Well, you might be surprised to hear what David Zaritsky has to say!