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Being James Bond

Apr 27, 2015

INNER 007 -- Think of Bond and his pursuit of Mollaka in 'Casino Royale' again. He may not have Mollaka’s parkour skills, but he figures out ways to get where he needs to go to stay on the bomb-maker’s tail. That’s the essence of MovNat – knowing how to use your body to be useful and get the job done.

Apr 20, 2015

THE GOOD LIFE -- 邦。占士邦 ...or in other words, “Bond, James Bond” in Mandarin Chinese. According to Ian Fleming, Bond had an excellent command of languages. Hello 'Being James Bond' listeners, this is Gorodish, Serge Gorodish, and today I’d like to give you a few pointers and some encouragement on foreign...

Apr 13, 2015

MAN OF ACTION -- Since the invention of the modern automobile in 1886, mankind has had a professed love affair with speed, wind in the hair and the open road. The romantic and hypnotizing lure of the road is something that draws us in and rarely let’s go once it has taken hold.